3rd August 2020

New look to the Spike Bar Terrace

The Spike Bar terrace has been spruced up with 4 roller blinds that give excellent shade across the whole terrace. These were installed last week.

Understanding World Handicaps – Article No.4.

How the system copes with extraordinary acceptable scores, both good and bad

Although the key metric in determining your WHS handicap index is the average of the best 8 of your last 20 acceptable scores, there is one other important factor that may come into play when determining your handicap.

This is the low handicap index – a record of the lowest handicap index achieved by a player during the last 365 days period. This low handicap index will be used as a base to determine 2 levels of caps that restrict the upward movement of a handicap index. Should you have a run of very bad scores and your calculated handicap index starts to increase, should this calculate to an index 3 shots above your low handicap index then the rate of increase will be reduced by 50% – this is called the ‘soft cap‘. Should a further run of bad results move your index to 5 shots over your low handicap index, then any automatic increases cease there.- – this is called the ‘hard cap‘.

So if a players’s best handicap index is 13.7, he/she can have a run of bad results which could move the handicap index to 16.7, at which stage any further increases would be reduced by half. If the bad run persists the highest index possible would be 18.7, until one year has passed and the low handicap index is recalculated.

On the other side of the coin, if a player puts in an exceptional score of 7.0 better than the current handicap index, then an adjustment of -1.0 is automatically applied to the last 20 scores. If the exceptional score is -10.0 or better than the current handicap index, then an automatic -2.0 is applied. These adjustments may be applied cumulatively.

Using your buggy on the South Course

If you are using your buggy to travel between the Club and your property over the South Course we would like people to be aware of the repair being made to buggy paths. This repair work will intensify over the coming four weeks. If the path is blocked please be very careful how you avoid the blocked section, as the ground on either side may be very wet and under repair. Wherever possible go to the non-course side of the path, as this will least disturb the current works. Thank you. 

Tables at Gala Week Social events

Due to COVID restrictions currently in place, tables at the 2 major Gala Week functions (the dinner at Casa do Lago on Tuesday 15th Sept and the Gala Dinner at Bovino on Saturday 19th September) will be restricted to 6 people per table. If you have your table already selected please email Catriona Porter with the names. Please make sure that you have the agreement of all named people and that they have entered for the social event. Thank you. 

Rake heads for bunkers

The Lady Captain, Val Harrison, has sourced a further batch of plastic rake heads that can be attached to clubs to safely rake bunkers in the COVID era. The rakes come in green and a very fetching pink and cost €10 each. If you would like to order one please email Val at valharrison54@msn.com

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Events in Quinta do Lago


From 19:00, during August. Every Wednesday all the roads lead to our grill night at Dano’s! The juiciest steaks, Memphis BBQ ribs, Jack Daniels glazed pulled pork and much more, cooked over a flaming grill and served with mouth-watering sides like mac n’ cheese, loaded fries and grilled corn on the cob, in a great atmosphere. The special menu here (https://www.quintadolago.com/uploads/files/Willdgrill-Menu-Digital.pdf). Book your table: +351 289 351 901 or danos@quintadolago.com

MINI GOLF SUNDAY COMPETITION (From 12:00 to 17:30 until 30th August)

Every Sunday, the Mini Golf Course challenges your family to become our Mini Golf Champions! Prizes for the team with highest score. For more information or bookings please contact minigolf@quintadolago.com or +351 289 390 700.

This week’s events

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website

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27th July 2020

A very different Gala Week (12th-19th September 2020)

Today we open the entry lists for Gala Week 2020. This will be the Club’s first major event in the ‘Coronavirus’ era and we are approaching the event with all due caution to member’s well being. This means that there will be a very different feel to the week, but we hope that it will still be an enjoyable golfing and social event.

First victim of the new rules is the opening Cocktail Party. Since we are not permitted to hold a traditional drinks party, we are asking participants to come along to the Clubhouse anytime from 16.00 through until 19:00 on the opening Saturday, collect their booklet and starting information for the week, stay for one drink and then leave. We are calling this the Registration Drinks. There will be a limit to the total number that we can hold in the clubhouse at anyone time, but we hope members will stagger their arrival time so as to reduce congestion. 

The next change is the shotgun start for the Mexican Scramble on Sunday 13th September that has been abandoned in favour of a rolling start from the 1st and 10th tees, so as to control numbers in the clubhouse after the event. You will notice in the social events list that we have included an optional lunch to be held in the clubhouse after the golf. Please sign up on the entry form if you wish to attend.

The 6 competitions follow in a more or less normal format, with the exception of the last 2 days. To avoided scheduling qualifying competitions on the newly opened South Course, the Singles Stableford competition has been moved to Friday 18th September, and the last day of competition will be a Fourball Betterball. 

Finally on to the two large social gatherings. These are due to take place at Casa do Lago (on Tuesday 15th September) and Bovino restaurant (on Saturday 19th September). Understanding that some members may not feel comfortable attending large social gatherings, the entry for these events has been made optional. We are assured by Quinta do Lago that tables will be restricted to 6 people and will conform to distancing regulations.

The Gala Week entry form is now open at events.cgql.com. If you have problems with your entry please call the office. Members who have a refund due from AGM Week may offset this amount against their Gala Week entry. 

Guests playing in Member’s times

A casual glance of the booking system on any one day would make you believe that the Club’s tee times are overrun by guests. However, the more accurate starters returns would clarify that one in every four players is a guest – a figure that has remained roughly constant for many years. The problem is that member’s are using the ‘guest’ button on the booking system as a placeholder to fill up their booking sheet when they are not sure which other members will be playing with them. Please only use the guest button when you are actually inviting a guest.

A tee time reservation can be made initially with only one entry (that of the tee time ‘owner’). Thereafter the’owner’ can go back and edit the booking to fill in other names as and when they are confirmed. Allocating the correct members to the correct tee times is an assistance to the starters and to the office and must be done as soon as possible after making the initial booking. Thank you for your cooperation.   

Money raised for the Refugio Aboim Ascensão

A couple of weeks ago, following the very successful day out at San Lorenzo golf there was a lunch at Antonio’s, very generously sponsored by David & Cathy Shubotham, at which €1100 was raised for a very worthy cause – the Refúgio Aboim Ascensão. This refuge in Faro plays a very important role in the local community looking after abandoned or ‘at risk’ children from the local area. The club was delighted to receive a letter of thanks from the Refúgio’s director, Dr.Luis Villas-Boas, together with a picture of some of the children that benefit from their care.

World Handicap System – Article no.3.

How your acceptable scores will be registered, and processed 

In our first article on the World Handicap System we spoke about ‘acceptable scores’…i.e. the scores that will be registered to your handicap record and will form the basis of the calculation of your handicap.  In the EGA adoption of WHS, there are 2 types of acceptable scores – general play and organised competition.

General play is similar to the current Extra Day Score. It is a predetermined round (i.e. it must be pre-registered to count), marked by a player who has a WHS handicap, and must be 9 holes or 18 holes. The pre-registration must be done online at my.fpg.pt, and the final card must also be submitted hole by hole on line before midnight on the day on which it was played. This self registration is a key difference between the current system and the new WHS handicap. More than ever before you are responsible for your own handicap. Acceptable scores from organised competitions, will, for the moment, continue to be registered into the system by the Club, from cards submitted by competition participants. 

Once your score is registered the computer software will calculate a score differential for that round. In essence this is the theoretical Handicap index to which you played on that day, given the SLOPE index of the course, the difficulty of the playing conditions and your registered score. In broad terms, if you played to 2 over your net par you should expect your score differential to be approximately 2 higher than your current handicap index (and vice versa for a score better than your handicap). So, if with a handicap index of 12.2 you played to 2 over, you could expect a score differential of approximately 14.2. It is this 14.2 that will then be used to calculate the best 8 of your last 20 scores.

Handicaps are processed at midnight every day of the year, taking into account any acceptable scores that you may have registered in the last 24 hours. Your new handicap will be available to you online through my.fpg.pt

Greenkeeping Bulletin

North Course

Last week the greens were top dressed and needle tinned to improve surface smoothness and ball roll and allow for air and irrigation to penetrate through the turf canopy. We also took this opportunity to incorporate a porous ceramic material which holds water and as part of a long-term strategy will help to conserve water in the greens.

We also applied our bimonthly application of PRE-emergent herbicide to combat against the next wave of weeds germinating in August and early September. We changed our application slightly due to the higher temperatures which meant that we have moved our summer fertilisation of fairways and roughs to this coming week. We now have our biweekly liquid fertiliser and growth regulator to apply this week along with our monthly application of wetting agent in the greens.

One current area of concern is the moisture which is being held in the fairways. Our biggest challenge is the fact we have Fescue Rough which prefers the cooler climates of Northern Europe. Although it is more drought tolerant than other cooler species grasses, it still requires high levels of irrigation. Due to the irregular shape of the rough, it does mean that certain fairway areas are over watered. We are currently addressing that by working with an irrigation audit company who will be helping with the efficiency of the irrigation network. We are also planning to add smaller more localised sprinklers this coming winter and spring of 2021 to correct the worst areas.

South Course

The 10th hole is now grassed and we have started grassing the 18th. The bunkers on the 10th have also been trimmed with the right-hand side bunker being moved slightly, closer to the green. The 11th Tees are also being grassed while 10 and 18 Tees are being stripped. The 10th tees are being reshaped and raised slightly with the addition of a new back tee, even though it’s no longer, it offers an alternative view to the hole and gives a new challenge from the tee favouring a fade.

This week we will complete the repairing of scars and access points on the front 9 and have started to apply the pine bark mulch, the by-product from the recent tree pruning we have done. We will also be improving the look of the 1st tee area with the continuation of new landscape from the car park project along the side of mini golf and cart path adjacent to the lady’s tee.

The cart path on the 9th will be prepared for concrete this week prior to the smaller repairs in the next couple of weeks in a similar method as we did on the North Course.

Mark Tupling (Greenkeeping Superintendent)

This week’s events

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website

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20th July 2020

Its getting hot out there

Left to right: Nine & Dine Winners: John Clark, Joyce Clark, Jane Gardner, Chris Gardner & Lady Captain Val Harrison. Sunday Winners: Nicolas Callebaut, Marie Callebaut, Kathleen McManamon & Peter McMananmon.

On a very hot summer evening, the Gardners and Clarks won the 2nd Nine & Dine competition (a Waltz Stableford) with 43 points.  The Shaws and MacFies came in 2nd with 42 points, and the Beale’s and Bennett’s took 3rd place with 41 points.  After the competition all competitors enjoyed a delicious curry on the Club terrace. Then on Sunday, another scorchingly hot day, it was the turn of Nicolas and Marie Callebaut and Peter and Kathleen McManamon to come in as winners with 107 points in the very demanding format of a progressive Stableford. Second place went to the Shawyers and their guests the Austins with 105 points.

Understanding the World Handicap System – Part 2

[This is the 2nd of our step-by-step articles to understanding the World Handicap System.]

How your current handicap will be converted from EGA Exact into a WHS Handicap index

Sometime during August this year (at a specific date that has so far not been set), Portugal will leave the EGA Handicap system and adopt the new World Handicap System. The first job will be to convert all EGA Exact handicaps into a WHS handicap index. To do this, the new computer application will review the last 20 of  your ‘acceptable’ scores in Portugal, going back, if necessary, to 2010 to find them, and use these scores to find the average of the best 8. These scores will not include any single line adjustments such as for General Play or ‘Away’ scores. Should you not have 20 scores registered then the system has a formula for calculating a WHS handicap index based on less than 20 scores. The important thing to understand is that it is highly likely that your WHS handicap index will not be the same as your EGA Exact Handicap. The Handicap Committee is entitled to make adjustments to the WHS handicap index should there be a large discrepancy.

Register with my.fpg.pt

Two easy ways to find your FPG Licence number through members.cgql.com: .1. See the listing of general handicaps 2. Use the drop down on the handicap tab.

One of the ‘things’ about the World Handicap System is that you will not be able easily to judge your own handicap change given a particular score on a particular day. Whereas under both CONGU and EGA a ‘bad’ score would put you up by 0.1 (a relatively simple mathematical adjustment), under the new system things become more complicated and will be adjusted only after midnight on the day of your round. This means that there will no longer be a handicap sheet outside the clubhouse, and members will have to consult their current handicap through the portal established by the Portuguese Golf Federation (my.fpg.pt).

We are encouraging all members to get registered with this application as soon as possible. To do this you will need 2 bits of information a) you FPG Licence number, and b) your current email address registered with the FPG. The FPF Licence number can be found either under the handicap tab in members.cgql.com, or on the handicap listing outside the clubhouse. For the email address please check with the office that your current email address is the one registered with the Portuguese Golf Federation (due to data protection laws the office can only change the email address on your request). Once you have both in place and checked it is relatively simple to sign-up. 

Once registered, It is important that you keep access to this application readily to hand as it will be required in future every time you go out to play golf. Make sure you bookmark it or add it to your phone ‘Home screen’.

Greenkeeper’s Bulletin

North Course: We successfully verticut and needle tined the greens last week to control grain and aid air and water movement through the turf canopy. We also applied the liquid fertiliser to the greens containing iron which has given them a deep green colour and blackened off some of the moss we are trying to control. Tees were fertilised but due to the very high temperatures at the end of the week we decided not to fertilise the fairways and rough and will instead aim to complete that task this week.

Our goal for the week is to top dress the greens lightly mid-week as part of our three-week rotation and along with the fertilisation of fairways and roughs is also to apply a pre-emergent herbicide. This is sprayed onto the turf surface and is watered into the grass canopy and remains active there for roughly 2 months. We apply this to prevent any new weed seeds from maturing into plants as the herbicide is taken up by the new seedling and then dies. It is our first step in controlling weeds and critical to our annual plan.

The wetting agent programme in the roughs along with light aeration to help move and hold irrigation water in the rooting area of the soil will also be included in this week’s tasks as and when we have the opportunity.

The landscape focus for the week ahead will be to continue cleaning after the tree pruning team and the application of chipped pine in out of play areas. We are also hoping to remove some of the overgrown bushes and dead Cyprus trees to the right of the 6th hole.

South Course: The project has now moved in full force onto the back 9 with the grassing of 10 fairway and 15 tees starting over the weekend. The irrigation is currently being installed in 16 Green which will allow for the installation of the new greens material which we have tested and matched with the existing greens to ensure consistency. The salt lake was also filled at the weekend to previous levels which showcases the new sleeper wall perfectly.

Our team is now reseeding and grassing all the standard scars from construction and are increasing the daily maintenance returning the course back to a playable condition. New bunker sand has been installed in all but a couple of bunkers on 6 and gives a great contrast between the new lush fairways and backdrop of pine trees. We will also review the cart paths and repair as we have done on the North Course earlier in the year. 

Mark Tupling (Course Superintendent)

Gala Week

The entry list for Gala Week will open on 27th July. We apologise for the delay, but there have been some changes to be made this year due to regulations concerning Coronavirus. A full explanation of changes and how to fill in the entry form will be available in next week’s newsletter.

This week’s events

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website

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13th July 2020

A message from the Captains

Val and I are so honoured to be your new Captains (finally after the AGM last week). As you can imagine the last few months were not quite the start that we had hoped for. One of our biggest regrets is that we could not all give Jane Beale and Peter Heel the appropriate thanks for their brilliant year – their Captains Days were restricted by the beginnings of lock-down (and bad weather)….. Then everything closed!. The Club Championships and AGM week were cancelled, and we couldn’t all give them the appropriate praise and thanks that we would have liked to have done at the AGM Dinner. But we’re sure you would all like to join us in thanking them for a fabulous year.

As your Covid “Acting” Captains, the first thing we did was to check how many of our members were in the Algarve to ensure that all were okay and find out if they needed help with food, shopping etc if they were in total lock-down, so they could be looked after. We were amazed to find out that we had nearly 150 members here. And as far as we know, despite hearing that a few members have contracted the virus, we are delighted to report that as far as we are aware, all our members are safe and well.

We also felt it was even more important to continue to support our charities. The ladies sent 3 months of supplies to the Antonio Aleixo Foundation at the end of March, and have just recently sent other supplies which will hopefully see them through to September. The Monday’s men’s group have kept the Quarteira parish assisted lunch centre supplied throughout this period with generous monthly donations. And the Club has also made a payment to the RIAS Wildlife protection centre.. Additionally, we held a drop and go delivery for the local Salvation Army, and we intend to do another one in the next few weeks. They all desperately need our help. Sadly, with the many of you not here, our charity fund is somewhat depleted. If you are not able to come here but would like to send a donation, please contact the Office.

Zoom and WhatsApp came to our help in the first couple of weeks of lock-down. On Jane’s Lady Captain’s Day, a small group of ladies set up a WhatsApp Group – this very quickly grew to most of the ladies here and is known as the “We will survive” group. It was and is brilliant – so many jokes, videos and help for all, keeping us in touch and sustaining us through lock-down and beyond. There are now several different WhatsApp groups for the Men and Ladies to keep them informed of our activities when we can’t advise all on a regular Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday.

The new normal …..

We would like to give a massive thanks to all those members that have been here over the last few months (and to those that have recently gone back to their homes), for all the support you have given to us and the Club. We are so very grateful.

Many of you will not be aware, but the entire Board were in Portugal during lock-down, and held probably more meetings in 12 weeks than are usually held during an entire year. Some via Zoom, and others held when allowed to be socially distanced and spaced out on different tables wearing masks. We would like to say a massive thanks to Tony, all our Board, the Committees and Mark and the office staff for the focus they gave to all the issues and details that we had to consider to get our golf and clubhouse up and running again.

Then, just as we thought we were going to be allowed to play golf again, we heard that the South Course was going to be closed for major works. Given the issues that so many other golf courses in the area are facing, we must sincerely thank Denis O’Brien and his team for investing a huge amount of money into our courses. It made absolute sense for the work to be done over this period, as there is barely the demand to keep 2 courses operating let alone 3. For those of you that are not here, the work is proceeding quickly and efficiently, and we are expecting the new “South” to be open at the beginning of September. The new SGQL clubhouse is now open and looks great and the whole area has been completely rejuvenated.

This year will be a challenge for all of us – however we are very hopeful that we can plan many of the events that we had to postpone during lock-down. Unless there is a new spike here, Gala Week will go ahead – the golf and the social events are all booked (albeit with a few changes). And we have rescheduled the Club Championships and other key competitions – please check the website for details for the new dates.

Val and I are very much hoping that we will see many of you in September if not before. We intend to have our delayed “Drive-In” on the first Sunday of Gala Week. But, in the meantime, please stay safe, well and healthy.

Chris & Val

Executive Board positions

Following the Annual General Meeting, the newly appointed Executive Board voted to maintain Tony Brown as Chairman and Stuart Watson as Deputy Chairman. Stuart Watson will also remain in the role of Treasurer. Alan Henderson will take over as director in charge of buildings and will relinquish the communications portfolio to Peter Shaw. Catriona Porter will chair the House Committee and Donald Dempsey will continue in his role as course liaison director. Chris Gardner (Captain) and Val Harrison (Lady Captain) make up the full compliment of Board directors.

World Handicap System (WHS) – Article No.1

Over the next few weeks we are going to publish in the newsletter a series of articles on the World Handicap System to bring you up to speed on this change that has been signaled for so long but is now upon us. The latest implementation date set for Portugal is the second half of August.

To start with it is important to understand that the WHS is a universal ‘system’, but not an attempt at this stage to set a universal handicap for each player, regardless of jurisdiction. If you have a home club in the UK and a home club in Portugal you will have a different handicap (handicap index) in each country. The systems will be similar in many more respects than were the systems that WHS is replacing (for example CONGU and EGA), and hopefully there will be greater acceptance of scores registered outside of each jurisdiction than in the past. But be aware there will still be differences.

The unifying aspect of the new system is the general calculation of the handicap index (the new name for Exact Handicap) based on the average of the best 8 of the last 20 acceptable scores. The handicap index is recalculated after every acceptable score is submitted for handicap purposes.

The variances in national application of the WHS system occur in the types of acceptable scores that can be registered for inclusion. In Portugal all qualifying competitions as defined under the EGA system will be included, as will pre-registered general play scores (similar to Extra Day Scores but not limited to the amount you can register either monthly or annually ). Although there is encouragement in the system to register more acceptable scores than previously, there will not be mandatory registration of all ‘general play’ scores (Betterballs, matchplays, AM-AMs etc. as happens in USGA and South Africa). 

[In further articles we will explore a) how your current handicap will be converted from EGA Exact into a WHS Handicap index, b) how overseas acceptable scores will be handled in the short and medium term, c) how your acceptable scores will be registered, accessed and assessed  and d) how the system copes with extraordinary acceptable scores, both good and bad.]

Kim Shawyer shoots a net 61 in the Monthly Medal

Well done to Kim Shawyer who, off a handicap of 29, won the 2nd division of the Ladies Medal on Tuesday with a net 61. No wonder she looks so delighted!!

Two in a buggy permitted from Monday

There has been a small change to the Coronavirus protection rules as effects the use of golf buggies. From Monday (13th July), SGQL inform us that it is permitted for 2 people to ride in a buggy together, so long as there is only one designated driver.  Previously this had only been permitted if the occupants were from the same household.

Food in the Spike Bar on Thursdays and Fridays

Please note that, in order to reduce running costs, going forward the Spike Bar will be serving a limited food offer on Thursdays and the kitchen will be closed completely on Fridays. On Thursdays the menu will be reduced to salads, wraps and sandwiches, and on Fridays there will be a selection of fresh pastries available. The bar will be open as normal for pre- and post-round drinks.

Salvation Army Charity Event (22nd July)

SGQL are running a charity event on Wednesday 22nd July in aid of the Salvation Army on the North course. This will be a Texas Scramble competition with a 9am shotgun start with lunch afterwards. The cost is €75 each for members and €125 for non-members. Please submit complete teams of 4 to Mario Vitoria or Brian Evans by 19th July. Thank you for your support.

This week’s events

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website

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6th July 2020

The Captains don their green jackets

Following the AGM last Tuesday, Chris Gardner and Val Harrison no longer have to carry the mantle of ‘Acting Captains’, as they have now been elevated to their full rank, and can wear the Captain’s jacket. Further traditions, which they may have been relieved temporarily to avoid, such as a Drive-in and a speech at a major dinner, will be duly rescheduled for later in the year. In the meantime we will let them enjoy the jackets and welcome them officially to their respective positions. 

Competition winners last week

  • Ladies day: Waltz Stableford: Slaney Mullen, Aileen Hickey, Brenda Brown & Trish Parker (86 points)
  • Mens day: Monthly Medal  Div 1 Martin Wilson (67), Div 2 Warren Hilton (70)
  • Sunday: Twenty\Twenty Stableford: Chris & Jane Gardner, Maurice & Angie Boyle (95 points)

A very different AGM 

Last Tuesday (30th June) the Club held its first (and hopefully only) Annual General Meeting in the COVID era. Restricted in numbers, there were 15 people present, of which 13 were voting Ordinary Members. Thankfully another 23 members used the email voting forms and 2 others were represented by proxy, so that we had a viable quorum to conduct the necessary business. The meeting was largely formulaic, approving all the items on the agenda and confirming the new Captains and Vice Captains. It also officially recognised the make-up of the new Boards, with Peter Shaw and Catriona Porter coming on to the Executive Board, the Assembly Board remaining the same but confirmed for a further 3 years, and the Fiscal Board now composed of Bob Jones, Patrick Macklin and David Proctor – (the new Fiscal Board has since met and voted David Proctor as their Chairman). The minutes of the AGM will be published on the Club website later this week.

Lady Captain jacket ceremony

At a convivial dinner in the clubhouse after the AGM, newly confirmed Lady Captain Val Harrison was officially given her jacket of office by the past lady Captain Jane Beale. In turn Val awarded Jane her official gift of a Past Lady Captain’s brooch.

Member’s guests

We take this opportunity to remind members that their guests receive special privileges for playing in members times, such as a discounted green fee and access to complementary buggies. However, any individual guest may only play 12 times in any one calendar year. We understand that some of your ‘guests’ may have become stranded in the Algarve due to lockdown, but this rule still applies and should be adhered to. Thank you for your understanding.

Competition agenda

As we begin to see a little light on the horizon, we are tentatively rescheduling the major Club events that were postponed in the Spring, including the Club Championships, veterans Competitions and the Captains Plate.  

  • Tuesday, Oct 6 Ladies Seniors Trophy
  • Wednesday, Oct 7 Veterans CC and Super Seniors Trophy
  • Tuesday, Oct 13 Captains Plate (Ladies)
  • Wednesday, Oct 14 Captains Plate (Men)
  • Tuesday, Oct 20 Lady Captain’s Trophy (postponed from 13th October)
  • Tuesday, Nov 3 Ladies CC & Mimosa Cup Day 1
  • Wednesday, Nov 4 Men’s CC & Ria Formosa Cup Day 1
  • Thursday, Nov 5 Men’s CC & Ria Formosa Cup Day 2
  • Friday, Nov 6 Ladies CC & Mimosa Cup Day 2

Details of these events will be published on the calendar during the course of this week.

Greenkeeping Bulletin

North Course: We are extremely pleased with the condition and drought tolerance of the roughs this summer. The aeration that we carried out in the winter has been successful and we need to continue that process now to encourage irrigation to move through the grass canopy to the roots. We started the aeration procedure last week and will continue over the following weeks by using an “aerovator” machine which makes holes 100mm deep while oscillating, making sure the surface has been opened and loosened.

We will also start our mid-year aeration plan on the tees with a deep solid tine and light top dressing. This is non disruptive to play but essential to dilute thatch build up and keep the irrigation reaching the roots. The landscape works we started on 7 will continue with the chipping of the loose limbs and branches, recycling the bushes to use as pine bark replacement in that area. Pine bark replacement will continue as needed.

South Course: This week’s goals are to complete the grassing of 6 fairway and tees and start grassing hole number 5. Bunker sand has now been installed on the majority of the front 9 which really adds contrast to the new lush fairways and pine bark boarders. The sleeper wall on 17 is now installed with the backfilling ongoing and the large black plastic pipe that was installed over the winter will be extended and branched providing water flow and aeration from behind the new wall, combating the algae build up in this corner of the lake. We have now started the extension of 16 Green which is the last milestone project to be undertaken. We are busy now moving in behind the contractor to address the expected construction scars, level and compact the bunker sand and continue our intensive grow in programme. Our tree pruning will continue on holes 1, 4, 5 and 9.  

Mark Tupling (Course Superintendent)

Gala Week 2020

Thank you to all those members who replied to the Gala Week survey. The collated answers have given the Golf Committee and the Board confidence that we can go ahead with Gala Week as scheduled, albeit in a slightly different format. We plan to issue full details (as well as open the entry form) in the week beginning 20th July.

This week’s events schedule

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website

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29th June 2020

Harrisons and Bennetts win evening 9 holer

Above, the winners: Richard Harrison, Barry Bennett, Wally Bennett, Val Harrison and Capt.Chris Gardner. Below the runners-up: Tom Barry, Terry Williams, Jackie Barry and Tracey Williams – with the Captains Chris Gardner and Val Harrison.

A field of 36 players took part last Friday evening in a first of a series of 3 competitions to be held over the summer months. The competition was held over holes one to none on the North Course and was followed by a suitably physically distanced supper in the Spike Bar. The format of the competition was half a 20/20 stableford. Winners of the competition was the Lady Captain’s team comprising herself and husband Richard together with Barry and Wally Bennett, scoring 49 points. In 2nd place were the Barrys and the Williams totalling 48 points.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the club will be held tomorrow (Tuesday 30th June) in somewhat extraordinary circumstances. Due to limitations on gatherings of more than 20 people, participation at the meeting has been reduced to those members who have been invited by the Assembly Board. The meeting is announced for a 15:00 start if 50% of the entire membership is present. As this cannot happen, the meeting will be officially recalled for a 16:00 start. Members attending are advised that, as this meeting is taking place on what is likely to be a hot afternoon, formal attire is not expected.

New terrace shading 

Thanks to the generosity of Peter Heel and Dennis O’Callaghan we now have a very elegant shading solution to the west side of the Spike Bar terrace. As you can see from the photo above, the donated pergola type umbrellas fit very well with the space and help increase the use that we can make of the outside areas over the summer months. 

Mens Day Competition Summer bookings

Men’s Day participants are advised that we have allocated 2 tee times in the morning for all qualifying competitions, for those who wish to play before the full heat of the day. To be considered for these times please mark ‘early’,‘morning’, or ‘AM’ in the special request part of the competition booking app. We only have 8 places available and these will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

Greenkeeping Bulletin

View from the tee on South 8: Below – before the works, Above – work in progress.

North Course: All surfaces remain in excellent condition and provide a high level of consistency day to day which is what we strive for. We don’t have any major activities due this week to the greens and are concentrating on detailing the peripheral areas; cart paths, bunkers, pine bark edges etc.

Two areas of the course which I’d like to address is the depth of the ‘stay-safe’ plate that sits inside the cup. We will lower the depth of this to 4cm from Tuesday and again welcome feedback to see if that prevents a good putt from jumping out of the cup. The other area I’d like to gauge feedback on is the height of the fairways; I understand that they are still quite tight and therefore we are raising the height of cut this week to 14mm from 12mm.

South Course: Last week saw the grassing of 4 and 7 approaches, 4 and 8 Tees and the start of the sleeper wall on hole 17. This week we will complete the grassing of number 3, plant the rough on holes 3 and 8 and move to 6 before completing the front 9 on hole 5. Our tree pruning contractor spent a good part of last week pruning the pine trees on the left-hand side of 3 to really open up the lake which looks fantastic and really adds a new dimension to the hole. 

Mark Tupling (Greenkeeping Superintendent) 

[The full bulletin can be found at members.cgql.com]

SGQL Clubhouse is now finished

The SGQL Clubhouse refurbishment programme, including extensive remodeling of both the interior and exterior of the building, as well as of surrounding areas, is now complete. Members will notice immediately the replacement of many of the flower beds with grassed areas, opening views of the courses. The renovation of the visitor’s car park is also complete. The Club has today ordered a new entry and exit system for our own car park which will be installed as soon as possible. 

This week’s events schedule

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website.

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22nd June 2020

Shaw & Giles win Grayson Trophy

From left to right. Chris Gardner (Captain), Eric Grayson, Denise Grayson, Peter Shaw, Debbie Giles and Val Harrison (Lady Captain.

On a very hot day when the temperatures soared to 34ºC by mid-afternoon, the Club welcomed back Honours Board competitions to the calendar. Postponed since mid-May, the Grayson Trophy was supported by a field of 64 players.  Three pairings stood out for the excellent scores. In third place with 42 points were John Farrell and Sian Stonehill. First and second places were decided on countback between the pairing of Ross and Jane Reason, and Peter Shaw and Debbie Giles. Peter and Debbie were awarded the trophy by Life Honorary Member, Eric Grayson and Past Lady Captain, Denise Grayson.

Gala Week – what is happening?

Many of you have been asking the question as to how or in what format Gala Week could go ahead in the current situation. It is not easy to answer yet with the changing regulations but, to help with our planning, we would really like to ask for your input and opinions. If you would normally consider taking part in Gala Week, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO A SHORT SURVEY – IT WILL ONLY TAKE A FEW MINUTES. We’re not asking for any commitment at this stage – but the more answers we get the better! Many thanks.

[If the link above does not work copy and paste the following into the address bar of your browser: https://forms.gle/Futmjsq2fxAAShAz9]

Annual General Meeting (30th June)

There is just one week to go before the Annual General Meeting which is now scheduled for 30th June. if you have any papers that you would like to submit please do so before the following dates:

  1. Application to attend the meeting in person (email request to office@cgql.com before 12.00 Thursday 26th June).
  2. Questions to be raised at the meeting from non-attendees (email question to davidallsop1@mac.com before 12:00 Friday 27th June).
  3. Be represented by proxy (email proxy form to office@cgql.com before 12.00 Monday 29th June).
  4. Submit postal vote (email postal voting form to office@cgql.com before 12.00 Monday 29th June).

Greenkeeping bulletin

Cleaning up the area between North 12 green and North 13 tee.

North Course: The greens remain in excellent condition and are firming nicely as we move into the stressful period for Bent grass. By controlling the irrigation and implementing a biweekly spoon-feeding programme of liquid fertilisers we have been able to reduce disease outbreaks and limit pitch mark damage. This week we will apply a light dusting of top-dressing sand followed by a needle tine and a roll to help the irrigation move to the roots and to help the plant breath.

The landscaping works took a leap forward last week as the team worked hard in covering bare, wind swept areas on 13 and framing the surround of 12 green to 13 tees. I have attached a photograph to show the improvements made.

South Course: I’m very happy to say that the new 8th hole has now been turfed with the remaining rough areas to shape and turf this week. The new sleeper wall on hole 3 has been completed and the contractor will focus their efforts on reshaping the fairway ready for turf this week along with the 7th fairway and the 8th tees. The removal of the old grass has now been completed on the front 9 and the contractor has resumed work on the back 9 starting on #14.

The new boarded lake wall on South 3 (looking back from the green).

Our tree pruning contractor had a great week finishing the pruning of Pine Trees on holes 12 and 14 and carried out shrub removal on 10 and 17. They will now move to hole 3 and 4 to complete these areas before the end of June before moving to the North Course.

Mark Tupling (Greenkeeping Superintendent)

Friday Nine & Dine (Italian Night Dinner).

The first of three Friday evening Nine & Dine competitions is taking place this Friday (26th June). The format is a 9 hole 20-20 (or in this case a ’20’!) This will take place over holes 1 to 9 on the North Course, and will be followed by an Italian Night dinner on the Spike Bar terrace. Please sign up for the competition on ttime.cgql.com and sign up for the dinner on the poster outside the Spike Bar. Non-competitors are welcome to the Italian Night dinner as well.

Ladies lunch at Casa do Lago

44 Ladies had a fabulous lunch last Wednesday at the newly refurbished Casa do Lago.  We also had a chance to celebrate Sandra Yeardley’s birthday. As you can see from the pictures the setting is lovely, and a great time was had by all.  It was so popular, we are trying to organise another one for July.

Members’ putting green and short game area

For your information SGQL have confirmed that the member’s putting green and the short game area at the bottom of the driving range remain closed for the moment. It is hoped that the putting green will reopen when the heavy building work on the front 9 of the South Course is finished. The short game area can only open once regulations on the use of practice facilities are changed.

More car park disruption

We apologise for this announcement, but there is likely to be some more disruption to the car parks again over this coming week. SGQL wish to redo the calçada at the entrance to the parking areas, and this will temporarily block access to the members car park. The SGQL car park has now been resurfaced and can be used when this occurs.

This week’s events schedule

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website.

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15th June 2020

Bag store and trolley store to open from Wednesday

Trolleys will be identified as disinfected.

In light of new measures outlined by the Portuguese Government, the Club is now able to open up the bag store and the trolley store in the basement to members from this Wednesday (17th June). Members are asked to make sure that, whenever indoors in the Clubhouse, that they wear a mask, and that they use the facilities provided to wash their hands with alcoholic gel, prior to entering the designated rooms. Trolleys that have been disinfected since their last use will be clearly marked. Only these trolleys may be used.  There is no need to sign out the trolley as the number will be recorded by the starter on the start sheet. Please ensure that there is only one person in the trolley store, or in any one of the bag store rooms at any one time. If waiting to enter please maintain the recommended one and a half metre distance from anyone not in your household. In order to maintain control of who enters these areas, the internal doors to the garage and bag store will remain locked, and access to the clubhouse will remain on the ground floor only (through the changing room corridor or the front door). Thank you for your cooperation.

Competition Winners

The winners of last week’s competitions were:

  • Tuesday 9th, Medal: Div 1 Sarah Hackett (net 73), Div 2 Oonagh Tilmouth (net 72)
  • Wednesday 10th, Singles Stableford: Div 1 Martin Wilson (39 pts), Div 2 Sean Cleary (37 pts)
  • Sunday 14th, Captain v.Vice Captain Matchplay: The Captain’s team won by 8 matches to 2.

Competition Entry Fees

From last Sunday (14th June), all entry fees for Ladies Day, Men’s Day and Sunday competitions will be recorded by the office and amounts owed will be notified to members by email at the end of the month. If any competitor is leaving the Algarve before the month-end then they should settle up before departing.

Nine & dine

Although we have missed a number of scheduled events due to the Coronavirus lockdown, we are pleased to announce that we will be running three ‘Nine & Dine’ evenings over the summer months. The first one will be on the 26th June on the North Course, and the others will be on 17th July (North) and 14th August (Laranjal). 

What’s happening on the courses

We have no major works on the playing surfaces of the North Course this week. With the two public holidays last week we will be making sure all surfaces are mowed and the detail works continued around bunkers, cart paths and tees. The landscaping works will continue with the spreading of pine bark where it has become worn and include areas of the native grass that have not matured and do not produce the look and feel that we expect. An example of this is the area behind 12 Green leading to 13 Tees which is unsightly and detracts from excellent condition of the course.

Last week, on the South Course, work progressed with the turfing of the 2nd Fairway, shaping and installation of irrigation to the 8th and the installation of bunker sand to 1 & 9. This week we are pushing to start turfing the 8th, install the new sleeper wall and shape the fairway on the 3rd and relocate the greenside bunker on the 7th. This week’s goal is to start repairing and re-grassing where required the roughs to define the new fairways and give a much more consistent look to the golf course.

Our tree pruning contractor started on the back 9 last week on holes 14 and 15 and have already made a huge impact. They will continue around the back 9 pruning areas on holes 10, 11, 12, 13 and 17 and removing the dead maritime pines (‘pinheiros bravo’ or pinus pinaster).

This Week’s Events Schedule

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website.

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8th June 2020

The palm tree has gone

As work progresses on the finishing touches to the renewed SGQL clubhouse, it is sad to report that the iconic palm tree that stood in the roundabout opposite the pro-shop entrance is no more. As the roundabout itself has been made much smaller, the tree had to be removed and has been relocated elsewhere.

Annual General Meeting Notice

The Annual General Meeting of the Club rescheduled has been rescheduled for Tuesday 30th June 2020. The Club has been informed that the Meeting could be postponed up until September 30th. However, in the interests of the smoother running of the Club, the earlier date has been decided upon. An email notification has been sent to all members today.

Due to continuing restrictions imposed by the Portuguese Government to combat the spread of COVID-19, there is a limit, as of today, of 20 people to be present at the meeting. As a quorum of 30 members is required, the Assembly Board has decided that, as this can be reached by including both postal\email votes and proxy votes, the meeting can go ahead with physical attendance by invitation only. The initial invitation list will comprise all current officers and officers elect. Should there be room for more direct participation (owing to further relaxation of Government Coronavirus restrictions) additional invitations will be issued by the Assembly Board from a ballot of those Members who notify the Club office of their wish to attend. If you wish to be included please do so by Thursday June 25th.

All members will be entitled to vote on all relevant items on the agenda, either by using a proxy form or by submitting a postal vote (which can be sent by email). Furthermore I encourage members who may have questions on agenda items to submit these by email to me by Friday 26th June, and these will be raised by me at the meeting.

The Assembly Board appreciate that conducting the meeting in such a way does not allow members the full scrutiny of the Boards and their activities as would be normal. However, the Chairman of the Executive Board has agreed that he will convene an Information Meeting for members at a convenient date later in the year when, hopefully, current rules concerning numbers at social gatherings will have been relaxed.

David Allsop
(Chairman – Assembly Board)

Sending your proxy

If you wish to be represented by a proxy at the ASM then please fill out the attached form and send it by post or email (office@cgql.com) to the Club. As presence at the meeting is by invitation only, and you may opt to give your proxy to someone who is not present, all proxies will be defaulted to the Chairman of the Assembly Board if the recipient cannot attend the meeting. Proxy forms may be downloaded here.

Sending your postal vote

The easiest way to participate in the meeting is via a postal vote from the downloadable pdf form. You can fill in this form on-line and immediately send it by email back to the Club. There is no need to sign the postal voting form if you are sending it back using the email address registered with the Club. The email address will be used for authentication.

Competitions are starting

We are delighted to announce that we have just had our first competition in over two and a half months – a twenty twenty Stableford held at Laranjal. The winners were the Shawyers and the Hiltons amassing a great score of 104 points. As you can see below the competition weekly schedule is now starting in earnest and we are gradually establishing rules as to how to run these in a COVID unfriendly manner, so to speak.
Entry Fees: Entry fees will not be charged this week, but will be charged at €5 per competition from 14th June. There will be no need to pay the starter. The office will run a tab for each player (plus his/her guests) for the calendar month, and request payment at the end of the month.
Score Cards: Together with SGQL, the office is doing its utmost to ensure that cards are not touched directly by any personnel prior to being handed to the player. Players should report their score to the scorer in the bar after the game, record their individual scores hole by hole (if it is a stroke play competition) in the score.cgql.com app, and then deposit their scorecard in the plastic bag provided. Provisional results will be posted and confirmed results declared in the newsletter and posted on-line.
Bunkers: We have a ruling from the Portuguese Golf Federation that placing in bunkers is not permitted in competition play. Bearing this in mind we ask all players at all times to make their best effort to smooth over bunkers after use. Members should recall that under the new laws of golf, if you declare your ball unplayable in a bunker you may take relief within the bunker for a one shot penalty, or take relief outside the bunker for a 2 shot penalty.

Preferred Lies

The Golf Committee have decided that the North Course has now recovered sufficiently from the annual maintenance and there is no need any longer for preferred lies. However, there are still areas of newly laid turf that need protection, and these are designated as Ground Under Repair in the temporary local rules.

Course Report from Greenkeeping Superintendent

Topdressing and fertilizing weak areas

North Course: Last week we successfully carried out a light dusting of top-dressing sand on the greens along with our bimonthly application of micronutrients to maintain health and vigour during the stressful summer months. The pine bark areas have now all been sprayed for weeds and we will continue to apply where necessary as we prepare for new pine bark to arrive. This week we will continue to prune the landscaped borders and to carry out detailed work to improve presentation in bunkers and cart paths, we are also planning to fertilise and top-dress some of the weaker areas to aid recovery around bunkers and greens collars. (photo attached)
The drainage project has now been completed and sees the end of our disruptive course projects. Our landscaping project shall continue on out of playing areas along with the pruning and removal of dead pine trees which are dotted through the course.

South Course: Last week saw great steps forward on the project with the grassing of the 9th fairway and the shaping and preparation of the new sleeper wall on hole 3, which we plan to have completed along with the fairway turf in the following 12 days. This week will include the turfing of 2 Fairway, the 1st and 9th collars and the 3rd and 9th tees along with the addition of new sand to the bunkers on hole 1.
As the golf holes are handed back from the contractor, we will be taking over to implement a tight fertilisation schedule and will be ensuring that the inevitable scars from construction are repaired and roughs re-grassed where necessary. Our landscape enhancements projects will now be complemented with the start of our tree pruning programme; starting on the back 9 before moving to the North Course and then finishing behind the contractor on the back 9. Areas of major focus include the 4th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 15th where the canopies are extremely dense and a lot of leaf litter and broken tree limbs clutter the floor.

This Week’s Events Schedule

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website.

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1st June 2020

New measures in Portugal

From 1st June the Government has altered the rules regarding the containment of the Coronavirus in Portugal. A summary of these (in English) can be found here. As regards activities on the course and in the clubhouse, the Club has chosen to proceed as follows:

  • From Sunday 7th June, the Club’s weekly competition schedule will proceed according to the timetable set out in members.cgql.com. Please note that we will not be running a Portuguese National Day competition this year, and it will be replaced by a Men’s Day competition. The Grayson Trophy has been rescheduled for Sunday 21st June. More details regarding how competitions will proceed is stated below.
  • Although it is envisaged that bars and restaurants can increase their capacity, the Club is happy with the current arrangements in the Spike Bar and will maintain them for the month of June.
  • Access to bag lockers is still prohibited
  • Rules for sharing of buggies and other golf equipment is still prohibited, therefore we will continue with current arrangements whereby all buggies and trolleys will be collected from beside the SGQL buggy park.
  • Although there is a relaxation of the rules regarding changing rooms, there is a requirement for permanent monitoring of activity and regular cleaning throughout the day. As the club cannot reasonably guarantee such oversight, we will keep the changing room areas closed off for the moment.

As with all such announcements, the Club will continue to review its activities and the availability of facilities as regulations are gradually eased, and continue to advise members accordingly via this newsletter and via the members only website.   

Member restrictions lifted

As members and their family and guests start to travel, it is not possible for the Club to police self imposed quarantine practices, beyond those mandated by the Portuguese Government. Therefore the Club has decided that there will no longer be any restrictions on members or their guests entering competitions or entering the clubhouse, other than the ‘safe’ golf and hygiene practices already being adhered to. From 1st June onwards, all members (and their guests) are welcome to enter competitions as well as enter the clubhouse irrespective of how long they have been in Portugal, so long as they are not symptomatic and abide by any Portuguese regulations, either mandated internally, or stipulated on entry into the country. We ask members to take personal responsibility as to how they interact with the Club. This policy may change at any stage, as a consequence of future advice from the authorities. 

Competitions are back

From Sunday 7th June, the Club will be returning to its usual weekly competition schedule. In order to comply with the safe handling of scorecards etc. there will be changes to the method by which cards are handed out, scores are registered and prizes are distributed. In the first instance the Club will be trialing a web app where individual scores can be registered on a mobile phone. There will be no entry fee for competitions until Sunday 14th June. The Captain’s bar remains closed for the moment so competitors will meet after the round in the Spike bar. Although prizes will be awarded they will be announced in the newsletter and collected from the office. More details will follow and be made available to competition entrants.   

Portuguese Golf Federation registration

We urge all members as soon as possible to make sure that you can log on to the portal of the Portuguese Golf Federation, as, due to Coronavirus restrictions, this will become increasingly important as your source of information regarding your handicap. For registration details please follow the guidelines from this link. You may find that the email registered for your log in is out of date. If so, please contact the Club office (fina@cgql.com) and we will register your current email address and advise you when the change has been made.

Extra Day Scores for Handicaps

Due to the complications in handling scorecards etc.the system for registration of Extra Day Scores has changed significantly. 

  1. Firstly you must be registered on my.fpg.pt. Please see above for details.
  2. Once you are registered on the app, you must pre-register your round. Please follow instructions. YOU MAY NOT USE THE PRE-REGISTRATION BOOK AS BEFORE.
  3. After the round register your card (which includes taking a photo of the card on your phone) on the app. DO NOT HAND IN YOUR CARD.

Full details as to how to pre-register a round and record the score are printed out in the changing room corridor.

Summary of greenkeeping work

North Course: The greens are now in excellent condition and although we did not manage to find a break in the golf for topdressing this past week, we aim to this coming Wednesday. This will help smooth the greens, especially areas where the core holes are not 100% filled or where we have some old disease scars on holes 12 and 17.

We are happy to say that the cart path repairs are now completed and that within this week we will finish the fairway drainage enabling us to really focus on turf conditioning and presentation. Landscape pruning has already started on holes 4 and 5 which will be the bulk of our work going forwards. Over the past few years several areas have become a little overgrown and so the new unsightly growth which borders the course will be pruned back and shredded to enhance the pine bark areas. We will complete spraying of weeds this week which will also give the landscape borders a cleaner look.

South Course: Another week on with the project and we are happy to say that grass is now being laid on hole 1. The stripping of fairways will concentrate on the front nine this week with holes 3 & 5 while the 2nd and 9th will be prepared for grassing. The 8th fairway will also be softened slightly reducing the negative camber and a new rough line introduced to the right of the fairway.

Root pruning has continued through the back 9 with only a few holes remaining and we have started to prune back a lot of overgrown plants lining the roughs. Our intention is to frame areas of the course to give a much cleaner look with pine bark and native areas rather than the bushes that have become overgrown from irrigation overspray.

This Week’s Schedule

The schedule of events for the coming week is listed below. For further details on individual competitions please refer to the members only website.

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